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The business processes of financial industry are become increasingly complex in order to respond to diversifying customer needs, growing partnership between financial and non-financial companies and resulting hybrid financial instruments, and new and increasing regulations.

Naturally, the scale and complexity of finan cial IT system development is rapidly growing as well, leaving financial companies in search of an ideal solution. One-size-fits-all off-the-shelf solutions cannot support companies coping with fierce market competition, unable to facilitate distinctive strategies that set them apart. Custom building is not an option either, as the scale and complexity of financial IT systems makes the project too time consuming and unsustain able.

That is why you need a solution specialized for the financial industry and designed to help you with managing business complexity.

our solution

Model-driven Architecture proposed by OMG (Object Management Group) is a great solution for managing such a level of business complexity.

LG CNS DevOn MDA brings an incredible level of improvement in development productivity with business model-driven “100% source code genera
tion”. It also facilitates clear communication of requirements, and enables speedy implementation of business processes by reusing the business

market presence

LG CNS has successfully completed a number of development project employing DevOn MDA and established it as a widely accepted financial IT
development technology.
Applied to over 50 projects (financial, public, logistics) from 2005 to 2010