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Cut-throat competition in the life insurance sector is pressuring insurance providers to improve their products’ price competitiveness and capabilities in product development, product time-to-market and product lifecycle management. Insurance companies are also need to cope with increasing regulations in the wake of the economic crisis as more and more regulations are being implemented to protect consumers.

For companies to win new customers and retain existing ones in the saturated life insurance market, now they have to skillfully balance various challenges ranging from responding to changing regulations, bringing products with distinctive value to the market at the right time, improving their product lifecycle management capabilities and providing consistent customer experience across channels and service departments.

Our solution

LG CNS Life Insurance provides a single, integrated customer data and facilitates provision of consistent customer experience across channels and services based on such quality data.

Our rule-based Product Factory helps you develop products with distinctive value, achieve fast time-to-market and improve management convenience. Based upon the business components offered by the J2EE Framework, we can customize the entire lifecycle of product management – from new business capture to maturity to claims management to policy management – to suit your business needs. Our solution also facilitates effortless and seamless interfacing with third party and legacy applications utilizing the plugin service layer offered by the J2EE Framework.

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