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With the increase of development and use of JAVA applications in the financial industry, the need for application framework increased, in order to improve development productivity from reuse and enhance the ease of mainte nance and product quality through standard ization.

The utility of application framework grew even further, expanding from an API library facilitating productivity and standardization to a framework creating an integrated devel opment environment covering the entire development lifecycle. Application framework is considered essential also for securing business agility, facilitating flexible response to changes in base architec ture and thereby eliminating the impact of architectural changes on business side.

Such utility of application framework has established it as a key element that facilitates minimal changes in business code when adopting new applications or latest technol ogy, and secures the scalability of the base architecture. Last but not the least, application framework is important for seamlessly inte grating between legacy systems that banks have built over time and various new systems expected to be built in the future.

our solution

Built on the J2EE platform, LG CNS DevOn Framework is designed with multi-tier structure to ensure system stability and to facilitate architecture-driven scalability,

offering superior scalability and architecture independence that supports all types of architecture from mainframe systems to open systems (UNIX
and Linux).

LG CNS DevOn Framework offers banking specific functions such as center cut processing, post processing and slip printout, and supports latest
development tools, including MDA.

It also provides a stable run-time environment for mission critical banking transactions and integrated development environment for improved
development productivity.

Successfully utilized in next generation system projects for large banks, DevOn Java Framework has been consistently applied to projects since
1999 and improved over time, and currently is adopted by many of the large banks in Korea.

market presence

First developed in 1999, LG CNS DevOn Java Framework is the first J2EE framework developed in Korea and has been used in more than 700 proj
ects. Tried and proved LG CNS DevOn Java Framework has been applied to accounting, information and legacy system of commercial banks, non-
bank financial institutions and non-bank lenders.

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