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Smart devices, such as smartphones and tablet PCs are presenting a new set of challenges to
banks, in terms of managing service channels and providing customer service. At the same
time, they are also creating new business opportunities for increasing revenue and profits by
expanding points of contact with customers. From business point of view, developing and
offering attractive products and services to smart channel users becomes critical. From IT point
of view, responding to the new technology and making it work seamlessly with the existing
system becomes the key to taking advantage of such opportunity.

For banks to manage smart channels successfully, they have to be smart in responding to
disparate types of devices, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, smart TVs, etc., from numerous
manufacturers, diverse operating systems and service channels (mobile app, hybrid, web, etc.),
with great efficiency. The existing wireline web services for home PC users delivered through
the internet cannot be overlooked either.

Developing and maintaining device specific applications for such diverse mobile and wireline devices not only require a huge investment but also
can lender the effort they have been making to provide consistent service and information to customers useless.
In order to avoid such risk, businesses need to adopt a technology that can provide consolidated application services for both wireless and wire
line, and produce optimized application screens for diverse devices from a single source, fully satisfying employees and customers accessing
information through disparate devices.
And that’s where LG CNS Smart Platform comes in.

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With its “One Source Multi Device” approach, LG CNS Smart Platform brings a perfect solution for banks looking to provide stable smart channels in
a cost effective manner. Our Smart Platform fully supports application integration, allowing banks to appropriate functions and information ser
viced by existing applications run on their legacy systems. LG CNS Smart Platform also supports all types of applications – native, hybrid and web
apps and can help banks seamless migration to web apps facilitated by HTML 5. As the imperfect device control technology of the new standard
is expected to prolong the use of all three types of applications, LG CNS Smart Platform supports all three types of application and can help
reduce the cost involved with the technology shift.

In short, in addition to stable transaction, LG CNS Smart Channel Platform facilitates “One Source Multi Channel” service from a single source, seam
less integration with legacy systems and agile response to shift in application service format.

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