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As banks recover from the rapid contraction and consolidation that occurred during the international financial crisis, they are now in search of a new growth model to thrive in the changing business climate.

In order to expand the existing customer base, banks are sharply increasing their spending on systematic analysis of con sumer behavior with respect to financial products and services. They are also paying great attention to integrating customer data, which is a critical step toward establishing a comprehensive multichannel strategy that includes the newly emerging mobile banking channel.

With the increasing shift toward retail banking across the industry, banks are also seek ing an agile IT system that facilitates speedy and timely business moves.
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LG CNS Core Banking Solution is an open and innovative solution in its true meaning

LG CNS Core Banking Solution based on the J2EE Framework best suited for the financial industry, our Core Banking Solution allows easy customization of individual business components, catering to the unique business needs of each individual bank. In addition, the plug-in service layer included in the solution as a basic feature facilitates effortless integration with third party legacy applications.

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Korea Exchange Bank
Shinhan Bank
Haha bank
Saemaeul Finance Firm
Jeon Buk Bank