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Case Study


case studie

Shinhan Bank Next Generation System Bank

Project Overview

Following the acquisition of Chohung Bank, Shinhan Bank needed to integrate business processes and systems of the two banks.


- No. of Employees: 11,250
- No. of Branches: 966 domestic and 19 overseas
- Total Assets: 220 trillion KRW
- BIS Ratio: 15.62%
- Global Bank Ranking: 78 (2011, the Banker)
- Together with Woori Bank (72th) and KB (74th), forms Korea’s Big 3 banks

Customer Needs

Key Project Features:
- System integration and rebuilding following Shinhan Bank’s acquisition of Chohung Bank
- Utilizing an application framework embedded with common business modules, integrated the business processes of the two banks (UNYSIS system), and rebuilt them into a UNIX system
- Target TPS: 2,000

Project Detail:
- Implemented Core Banking System
- Implemented Product Factory
- Performed EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
- Implemented MCI (Multi Channel Architecture)
- Implemented Integrated Terminal System
- Facilitated 24/7/365 Non-stop System

Solution and systems

For seamless business processes integration and system rebuilding, LC CNS business specialists built a seamless interfacing system utilizing EAI and MCA solutions, and facilitated time-to-market with Product Factory.

- Core Banking System
Utilizing Tmax’s Pro-Frame, LG CNS built the first C Language core banking system in Korea and provided product competitiveness with Product Factory.

- EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)
To ensure efficient and accurate data exchange between systems, built integrated infrastructure that standardizes and simplifies interface protocol and specifications

- MCA(Multi Channel Architecture)

- Integrated Terminal System
Integrated disparate terminal user screens to increase efficiency and convenience of branch terminal users and facilitate point-of-contact sales in bank branches.


- Product Factory reduced average product development and time-to-market from 21 days to 6 days
- Reduced annual IT operating costs by 23%

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