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LG CNS Solution은 신뢰라는 플랫폼을 기반으로 서비스를 제공합니다.

About Us



Think Smart, Chage the World

LG CNS and its 9,000 IT professionals have been providing superior IT services to more than
5,000 satisfied private and public enterprise clients around the world for the past 20 years.

Dedicated to clients' growth, LG CNS provides expertise on front-end consulting and IT services
for reliable system and network integration, e-business, e-outsourcing and other industry specific

Known as an outstanding IT services provider in China and Southeast Asia. especially for public
services systems, LG CNS is servicing global clients in the United States and European countries,
with seven subsidiaries and R&D Centers in China, India, US, Europe, Indonesia, Brazil and Japan.
Since inception in 1987, LG CNS has attained an impressive 33% CAGR, nearly doubling sales
every two years. In 2007, our revenue was over US$2 Billion dollars. Helping clients address their
business issues and maximizing productivity and work efficiency through in-depth solutions, LG
CNS is the first provider offering clients the most innovative solutions and services to multiply
their value for years to come.

Company Name
Kim Young Shub
Number of Employees
Approx 10,000 (As of 2013.3, incl. overseas / domestic subsidiaries)
Annual Sales
3.2496 trillion KRW (As of 2012, IFRS Consolidation)
FKI Tower, 24, Yeoui-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, 07320, Republic of Korea
Business Scope
Consulting, System Integration, Outsourcing, ERP/BI, IT Infra-
Solutions, IT Convergence
Overseas Subsidiaries
China, Japan, America, India, Indonesia, Europe, Brazil
Domestic Subsidiaries
LG N-Sys
SBI-LG Systems


LG CNS has witnessed the advacement of IT in Korea since its establishment in 1987. We will lead the IT industry into the future with customer focus, continuous investment and successful delivery records


Built technological competitiveness from experience in operating IT systems of LG affiliates to enter the market

  • STM Established : Colaboration with America’s
  • Succeeded in developing 1st application S/W
    engine in Korea
  • Complete Korea’s 1st Information Technology
    Center (ITC)
  • Certified ISO 9001 and TickIT for the 1st time
    in the SI industry of Kore

Distinguished itself in the public sector market(Supreme Court, National Tax Service, Patent Office, etc.) and established the foundation to advance into the global market

  • Delivered registry computerization system to
    the Supreme Court
  • Delivered patent office’s Korea Intellectual
    Property System
  • Implemented integrated ERP system for LG
  • Implemented the 1st phase of Government for
    Citizen (G4C) system

Advanced into the global market with 7 independent oversees subsidiaries, leveraging success in the domestic market

  • Implemented a new transportation card system
    for Seoul City
  • Implemented government finance information
    system for Indonesia
  • Implemented emergency information network
    for Mongolia
  • Implemented video show system at Las Vegas
  • TMMi level 3-certified in S/W test category for
    the 1st time in Asia
  • Acquired LG N-Sys specialized in IT infra-
    structure as an affiliate
  • Opened Sangam IT center, the biggest of its
    kind in Korea

business scope

LG CNS offers the best total solution to customers ranging from consulting to system implementation and operation by promoting the smart inte-
gration of IT services for all business sectors

  • Package S/W based systems development
  • System management/operation and
  • S/W, H/W distribution/installation/integration
    and management
  • Network diagnostics/consulting
  • Network planning/implementation/
  • Customized system development
IT Convergence
  • U-City, Construction engineering
  • LED Display/Lighting
  • Transportation, Railway/Subway/Airport/
  • Renewalble energy
Enterprise Solution
  • Total ERP services
  • BI
  • EP/BPM
  • ERP utilization diagrostics/consulting
  • Industry specific ERP solution for SMB
IT Infrastructure Solutions
  • Our IT Infrastructure Solutions provide
  • international level customer services with
  • solutions for improving clients' business
  • performance in cloud computing, data
  • center construction/migration, smart
  • security and reliable system operation
  • based on the next generation data center
Outsourcing (ITO, BPO)
  • IT Total outsourcing
  • Application outsourcing
  • Data center consturction/migration
  • Disaster recovery, ITSM
  • Vertical BPO services
  • Horizontal BPO services
  • Strategy consulting
  • Business Process innovation consulting
  • Information technology consulting
  • Industry consulting
  • Solution consulting


Balance Sheet Summary
Year 2010 2011 2012
Description Assets 14,373 16,851 19,546
Liabilities 8,248 10,579 12,640
Capital 6,126 6,272 6,906
Income Statement Summary
Year 2010 2011 2012
Description Sales 28,066 31,912 32,496
Operating income 1,629 1,214 1,372
Net income 1,142 494 877


LG CNS will advance to become a global No. 1 company in 
Smart Techhologies and Services with Creative People by 2020